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Brittany Spaniel dog breed information




Brittany Spaniel color

orange and white, liver and white, or tricolored

Brittany Spaniel height

17.5-20.5 inches

Brittany Spaniel weight

30-40 lbs

Brittany Spaniel description

The Brittany is a hearty, vigorous, medium-sized, closely knit, leggy dog with a fairly short, lightly feathered single coat. He is very agile and active with an intelligent-looking face. The eyes are amber or hazel, depending on the coat color. It has a rounded skull of medium-length with a straight or slightly ram-shaped muzzle, a pronounced stop, and a nose that is more or less dark depending on the color of its coat. The nose may not be black. The ears are short, with high withers. The high-set ears are rather short in a triangular shape, slightly fringed and hanging close to the head. The tail is either naturally short or docked to less than four inches (10 cm.). All over the world the Brittany or Epagneul Breton accepts 5 colors (Orange & White, Liver & White, Black & White, Liver Tri-color, and Black Tricolor), in either a clear or roam pattern, with some ticking. The USA (AKC) & Canada (CKC) do not recognize Black, all other countries world wide do accept all colors and follow the FCI standard of the Breed.

Brittany Spaniel origin

The Brittany may be the fruit of a crossing between the Orange & White Setter and some not clearly identified French dog. This hearty hunting dog probably originated in Brittany, a province in France. The Brittany was first shown in that country in 1896. A versatile hunter, the Brittany is one of the most popular pointing breeds for bird hunting. Its official recognition dated from 1938, so before receiving a standard, the Brittany underwent several changes of fortune. In some countries the breed is referred to as a Brittany Spaniel, however in the United States it is referred to as just Brittany.

Brittany Spaniel temperament

The Brittany is intelligent, and easy to handle and train for hunting. It is a loving and gentle animal; obedient and always eager to please. Happy and alert. This breed is a very active and enthusiastic hunter. Affectionate. Independent - it is a free-thinker. Good-natured and easy to care for. Some are nervous or hyperactive. This dog can become timid if treated roughly. Socialize extensively as a puppy. The Brittany likes to roam. They are good with children if they are raised with them from puppyhood. It adapts to all types of terrain: woods, plains or hills. It's resistant to cold and damp conditions. It is used especially for hunting woodcock, partridge, and hare, and is always active, enthusiastic, and untiring. It also has an outstanding instinct for retrieving from water. The Brittany has earned great popularity among millions of hunters because of its moderate size, which allows hunters to transport them easily. Because of its jolly character, it is also popular as a companion dog.

Brittany Spaniel health problems

The Brittany is generally a healthy breed. Some are prone to hip dysplasia and seizures.

Brittany Spaniel living conditions

The Brittany is not recommended for apartment life. They are very active indoors and will do best with acreage. This breed is resistant to cold and damp conditions.

Brittany Spaniel exercise

Brittany's love exercise and have great stamina. They need extensive exercise and do best with an active outdoor person or hunter.

Brittany Spaniel life expectancy

About 10-12 years

Brittany Spaniel litter size

1 - 11 puppies - Average 6

Brittany Spaniel grooming

Regular brushing of the medium-length, flat coat is really all that is needed to keep it in good condition. Bathe or dry shampoo when necessary. Some skilled trimming of the coat is needed for proper show grooming. It is generally a low maintenance dog. Check the ears carefully, especially when the dog has been out in rough or brushy terrain. This breed is a light shedder.

Brittany Spaniel recognition


Brittany Spaniel pictures

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