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Fox Terrier Toy dog breed information




Fox Terrier Toy color

White, Chocolate and Tan; White and black; White and tan

Fox Terrier Toy height

8.5 to 11 inches

Fox Terrier Toy weight

3.5 - 7 lbs

Fox Terrier Toy description

The Toy Fox Terrier is also known as the American Toy Terrier or Amertoy. The tail is docked short and carried high. The eyes are dark and round. The ears are v-shaped and erect. A definite stop separates the domed skull from the small narrow muzzle. The hair is short and thick. The coat is white with black and tan or tan markings. Other colors do occur.

Fox Terrier Toy origin

The Toy Fox Terrier was developed in the USA in the 1930's. It is directly descended from the Smooth Fox Terrier, whose standard dates from 1876. It was miniaturized in the United States through careful breeding. Crosses with English Toy Terriers, Chihuahuas, and Italian Greyhounds have refined its features, and calmed its disposition. Its first use was hunting rats. It is currently seeking AKC recognition.

Fox Terrier Toy temperament

The Toy Fox Terrier may be physically small, but this is a robust little terrier that retains all the passion of its Fox Terrier ancestors. This breed thinks he is big! The breed is tough and bright, but stubborn. Curious and active, the Toy Fox Terrier keeps its young spirit throughout its life. They are intelligent, loving, sensitive and pleasant. It is very alert, inquisitive and quick. This is a companion dog that has not forgotten its ancient terrier instincts, and will therefore fight mice and small animals. This athletic little dog loves the hunt. Affectionate and very loyal. This breed is an exceptionally intelligent, trainable dog. Some have been trained to assist handicapped people around the home. It has proven to be an excellent hearing dog for the deaf. It can be trained to take its human companion to the sources of sounds, such as the telephone. The Toy Fox Terrier I met was not a yapper. His owner said he only barked when necessary. He was friendly with children, but I would not recommended him as a small child companion due to its tiny, fragile size. This happy dog is sure to bring smiles to the faces of nearly all who meet it, due to its energetic and forever youthful antics.

Fox Terrier Toy health problems

This is a fairly healthy breed; however, some are prone to legg calve perthes and stifle, which are typical Toy problems. Some dogs are allergic to beet pulp (this is fairly common). Also corn, and wheat.

Fox Terrier Toy living conditions

The Toy Fox Terrier is good for apartment life. It is very active indoors and will do okay without a yard. It cannot tolerate cold weather. They should wear a coat in the winter to help keep it warm.

Fox Terrier Toy exercise

Toy Fox Terriers are very active dogs, however they will pretty much take care of their own exercise needs.

Fox Terrier Toy life expectancy

About 13-14 years.

Fox Terrier Toy grooming

The Toy Fox Terrier is easy to groom. Occasionally comb and brush the smooth coat. Keep the nails short. This breed is a light shedder.

Fox Terrier Toy recognition


Fox Terrier Toy pictures

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